The Styrian Almenland: Distinguishing Itself as a Beef Region and Structuring the Regional Brand “Almenland”


Within the context of LEADER the main project named “Almo Genussregion” (Almo Enjoyment Region) was developed in the LAG Styrian Almenland (Alpine Country), in order to distinguish itself as a first-choice beef region in Europe. The Almo association consists of 500 farmers mainly from the Almenland region, which yearly breeds 4,500 Alpine pasture oxen (“Almos”) free from genetic manipulation and in accordance with animal breeding protection.

Co-operation - Quality Protection– Organisational Development

Co-operation is a substantial success factor in this project: Those farmers who cooperate at a regional level work together trans-regionally with a large scale delicatessen specialist, who markets the high-quality Almo products in all of the 245 Austria branches. “Vier Pfoten” (Four Paws) animal protection organisation and Greenpeace are also partners in the region. Success factor No. 2 is Quality Protection: Cattle breeding takes place from a first-hand quality manual. A unique, comprehensive quality protection was developed by the partner company for the entire process.

Almo-Genussregion was simultaneously developed with the “Almenland” regional brand.

Meanwhile the Almo-Genussregion will be marketed to other initiative regions under this “umbrella brand“: Almenland owners, Almenland tourism, Almenland economy, Almenland golf, Almenland herbs, etc.

Success factor No. 3 is Local Organisation: Almenland marketing GmbH was established for the substantial development all of these initiatives and sub-brands.

With LEADER –funds, the following measures were financed, within the context of the main project “Almo-Genussregion”:

  • Structuring a regional brand
  • Development of regional positioning including consulting and coaching
  • Development of a corporate identity as a basis for professional marketing
  • Investments in the Almenland Marketing GmbH
  • Creative production development and quality improvement in agricultural product development
  • Regional quality protection (production - refinement - marketing)
  • Structure and training courses for the “Almenland “- land owners

Contact: LAG Almenland, Jakob Wild, Telephone: 00 43/31 79/230 00 15, ,

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