TAURISKA: Culture Promotes Regional Identity and Innovation

The association for the promotion of ones own cultural and regional development in the Hohe Tauern National Park Region, whose name was derived name from a Celtic tribe, was established in 1986. Since 1996 TAURISKA LEADER has implemented projects.

Cultural, Economic and Intellectual Reorientation

TAURISKA stands for cultural, economic and intellectual reorientation on a regional level, whereby from the beginning a close alliance has existed with the Tauern National Park idea. To be in contact with nature, people and culture as well as to rediscover the customs and skills of regional crafts.

The TAURISKA Association organises and promotes artistic talents within its gallery. TAURISKA organises numerous events with broad cultural spectrums: exhibitions, presentations, concerts and nature path topics. The association also mediates regional artists abroad. The in-house publisher wishes to make the regional culture appreciated and well-known.

The Economist Leopold Kohr (“Small is Beautiful”), who is also a resident in the Tauriska building, deals with the socio-political situation in the Hohe Tauern National Park Region.

TAURISKA has worked since 1996 with LEADER funds and since then has financed numerous projects: among them is a regional cook book “Sprache und Essen” (Languages and Food”) “, a multi-vision show about the Steinberg Thoma wood-carving farm servant, “Weg des Wassers” (“The Path of Water”) as well as “Urlaub im Bioland” (“Holidays in Organic Country“). Also, an ORF programme about regional cuisine and a much-noticed exhibition about the “Lebensraum Salzach“ (“Salzach Habitat”) as well as international conferences and a computer room for further education for local people.


Furthermore, TAURISKA maintains an ongoing co-operation with the alternative Nobel Prize laureate organisation in Stockholm.

Starting Assistant and “Encourager” for Innovative People

The two initiators from TAURISKA are to act as starting assistants and “encouragers”. “We must always make the first step to motivate people and show them that something can work.” Afterwards they can continue on their own, and we can look for new challenges.”

With all its activities, TAURISKA has substantially reinforced the regional identity and has contributed to innovative development in the Hohe Tauern National Park Region.

Contact: TAURISKA, Susanna und Christian Vötter, Kammerlanderstall 15 a, 5741 Neukirchen am Großvenediger, Telephone.: 0 65 65/61 45, officetauriska.at , www.tauriska.at

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