Climbers Paradise

Project: Climbers Paradise – Tyrol an International Climbing Destination

Promoters: Imst Regional Management Association – Mag. Peter Thaler and Climbing & Consulting GmbH. – Mike Gabl

Current Standings

Climbing has developed from an elite sport into an extremely economical and interesting recreational and tourism activity in recent years. For this reason a comprehensive project called “Climbers Paradise” was compiled and implemented, which is subdivided into eight quality modules. The project began three years ago and shows participation from 19 tourism associations. The goal of the project is to establish Tyrol as an internationally well known climbing destination. In the past years extensive climbing infrastructures were both improved and newly created. All relevant climbing information was collected by the Climbers Paradise.Com Platform, which is continuously being expanded and updated.

The Future

In the long run all important climbing regions and tourism associations should join the platform so that the number can increase to approx. 25 associations. Tirol Werbung, who has focused on “Climbing” as an “A-topic” for a while, will be responsible for communications/marketing. Alpine and Sport organisations in the State of Tyrol will have begun with the drawing-up of a Climbing Park Quality Manual, concerning quality standards (“Climbers Paradise Requirement Specifications”) as well as further advancements. Apart from the mentioned infrastructure measures a climbing team will also be created, which will carry out the regional competence through personal accomplishments and dedication.

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