Three set goals will be packed into activities, in which the participants are involved. Execution takes place over two eventful days, which will succeed the opening evening.


A. Information and European Aperitif

For representatives of the European Network for Rural Development the official opening of the first evening offers the opportunity to come in direct contact with the LEADER Managers basis, to inform them about news regarding LEADER and European Networking in the context of the rural development and announcing future activities on the European level. Main focus of the presentation of the ENRD will be the regulation and support for transnational cooperation projects.

European Aperitif

In the evening of the arrival day the „European Aperitif“ is foreseen again. The host LAG will offer local products for all participants to allow a culinary trip through the Sächsische Schweiz Region.

B. Inspiration: Transnational Knowledge Exchange

„Regionall cooperation in Rural Development “is the central topic of the European Exchange of Experience on the 28 april 2011.

The basis for this are project presentations concerning cooperation projects in the field of basic services and local supply, mobility, use of rural buildings and valorisation of nature and landscape.

Following the presentations, the topic of regional cooperation in rural development will be gone into deeper in English and German work groups. Personal experiences can be put in relationship to the presented projects. Both, important success factors and obstacles for local and regional cooperations are to be filtered out for an innovative rural development

Registration for the presentations will take place on-line. The online-registration form you will find here as of 30. September 2010.

C. Involvement: Sport Competitions:

Getting to know one another and socialize with new contacts as well as building new relationships between the participants will be especially encouraged within the LINC framework. The best opportunity to do so is during the sport competitions in which the LAG-Teams can take part. The sport disciplines of LINC 2011 – typical for the Sächsische Schweiz Region - will be published here until the end of September 2010.

There will be an award ceremony with team and individual judging at the end of the sport events. However, it is not about maximum sport performance, but about reaching something together as a team and to playfully compete with other LEADER colleagues. Everything runs on a friendship basis, excessive ambition is in the wrong place here.

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