Get informed – Get inspired – Get involved

"LINC" should serve the following three goals:


Information and Knowledge Transfer: The framework created 2010 in Kirchberg for the spread of important information for the LEADER-areas will be sustained and extended: The main focus will be on the implementation of transnational projects and the promotion of the European LEADER Network.

Inspiration and Exchange of Experience: Promotion of mutual learning of like-minded people through the presentation of practical examples on the topic of “Regional Cooperation in Rural Development” in important development areas.


Involvement: Mutually get to know each other better, establish new contacts to learn about the cultural, social and culinary variety of Europe’s treasures.

The conference is designed for a minimum of 100 and a maximum of 200 participants from the European LEADER Areas.

Logo Info-Linc allgemein
Logo Info-Linc allgemein