Wednesday / 27.04.2011

Arrival (How to get there)
Hotel check-in until 5 pm
After that
- 17:30 get together in the cultural centre “Kulturstätte am Stadtpark” Bad Schandau,
- Opening and welcoming
- Conference Introduction: Transnational Knowledge Exchange 2
- Welcoming, introduction, information from the hosting LAG, The Free State of Saxony and the
German and the European Network for Rural Development
- Presentation of the programme, the moderators and advisors
- Get together in the National park centre with dinner buffet, video show and conversation to ‘
become acquainted with each other

Thursday / 28.04.2011

08:45 get together at the conference hall “Kulturstätte am Stadtpark”
09:00 – 10:00 introduction of the programme for this day
Transnational cooperation – introduction of Best-Practice-projects
10:30 – 12:00 1. Workshop-Session – two workshops at the same time
I. local supply – cooperative-based approach
meeting place: cultural centre “Kulturstätte am Stadtpark”
II. mobility in the rural area
meeting place: Königssaal Parkhotel
afterwards: common lunch for all participants in the Parkhotel
III. value added from nature protection
meeting place: cultural centre “Kulturstätte am Stadtpark”
IV. vacancy of rural buildings – reutilisation or utilisation for new purposes
meeting place: Königssaal Parkhotel
15:30 – 16:00 futur of LEADER – meeting place: cultural centre “Kulturstätte am Stadtpark”
17:00 first competition “Kneippiade” in the spa gardens
afterwards some time to go to the living quarters
20:00 evening event in the cultural centre “Kulturstätte am Stadtpark”
dinner – organisational facts – individual conversation – market for ideas – cooperative networks

Friday / 29.04.2011

Sports- fun – action:
competition of the LAG –teams
09:00 get together at the grassy areas beside the Elbe River below the “Toskana Therme”
10:00 beginning of the 3 parts of competion:
climbing and biking in the National park – action
rowing on the Elbe – light
Bad Schandau 4 part competion – fun
from 14:00 – individual spare time
17:30 closing event
in the pavilion at the grassy areas beside the Elbe River in front of the wonderful backdrop of the Sandstone Rocks
short presentation of the workshop results – award ceremony – presentation of the organizer of LINC 2012 Estonia – dinner and live music

Saturday 30.04.2011

09:00 – 15:00
Field trips (optional) linked to topics of the workshops
bus trip 1: “New life in old buildings” – practical example of the reutilisation or utilisation for new purposes of rural buildings for the basic services, habitation, touristic and commercial use
bus trip 2: “Treasures of nature for the region” – National park Saxon-Bohemian-Switzerland – presentation of common educational concept for nature and environment
40,00 EUR per person
Further offers for field trips – outdoor programme:
fixed rope route trip – guided trip with stunning views – 25,00 EUR
climbing training in the Elb-Sandstone Mountains – 35,00 EUR
(climbing equipment – shoes, belts, ropes – will be provided)
E-Bike Tour through the National park – 15,00 EUR
guided hikes:
- “On the ridge of the Schrammsteine and romantic boat trip on the Elbe River” – 10,00 EUR
- (energy) Hike with panorama-yoga – 13,00 EUR

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