The Schandau Four-Part Competition
Here traditional and modern trends cross paths. Those who like it more relaxed can join in the fun-filled competitions being held on the grassy areas beside the Elbe River.

In this trendy climbing game, one has to climb up a rock wall as high as possible. If one reaches the overhang of the wall, then one has to jump into a pool of water or to the ground (from a safe height). The score is based on the number of climbing tasks resolved.

Here, maintaining balance is the key, as the slackline dynamically stretches, moves and bounces under the load of the slackliner. It requires a constant adjustment of position and movement to stay balanced. The put back distance on the rope is scored. Special points are awarded for small tricks and feats on the line.

Running with slippers in “Schandau Style”:
In Bad Schandau very popular felt slippers are manufactured, which were also used as climbing shoes because of their rubber sole. As such, why not dare yourself to run a race in them? Scores are based on the racing times achieved.

“Armchair Carriers”:
In the 19th Century, when Saxon Switzerland was discovered as a well-known tourist attraction, not everyone had to hike up the mountains using their own strength. For the wealthy tourist, armchair carriers were available to take them up the hill. For a few groschen, they were carried to various viewpoints by these workers. Participants can have the opportunity to experience what it was actually like to perform this job. In this game, four people carry one “guest” a short distance over "sticks and stones” (obstacles). Scores are awarded based on how fast each group completes this exercise.

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