What is LINC?

LINC wants to promote networking and the exchange of experience between European LEADER Areas in an innovative way.

LINC combines the transfer of knowledge about innovation and regional cooperation in rural development with sport events so that the participants can network. LAG Teams from European LEADER Areas can show their sporting spirit and skill.

Out of that reason there should be teams of 3 people from every Leader area or National Rural Network Unit who register for LINC.

“LINC” means:


  • Inspired
  • Network
  • Community


With this in mind this conference was created, in order to promote transnational co-operation and an inciting exchange of experience as well as to strengthen the European LEADER’s thought. To learn from others experience, is a principle that everyone can profit from!

LINC is organised in co-operation with the following National Network Units and LAGs.

Austria: LINC 2010 and 2014
National Rural Network Austria (Luis Fidlschuster, Robert Lukesch)
LAG Hohe Salve Tyrol-Austria
Management: Barbara Loferer-Lainer

Germany: LINC 2011
Saxon Network for Rural Development (Christoph Hrubesch)
National Rural Network, Germany (Anke Wehmayer)
LAG Landschaf(f)t Zukunft e.V.
ILE Sächsische Schweiz/ Germany (ILE is a LEADER-like german initiative)
Management: Ulrike Funke

Estonia: LINC 2012
Netzwerk für ländliche Entwicklung Estland (Ave Bremse)
Lag Tartu Rural Development Association- Estonia
Management: Viktor Muuli

Finland: LINC 2013
Netzwerk für ländliche Entwicklung Finnland (Juha-Matti Markkola)
LAG Ylä-Savon Veturi- Finnland

Logo Info-Linc allgemein
Logo Info-Linc allgemein