• Registration is possible online after the end of October 2010 for LINC 2011
  • The fields that are marked with a star (*) are obligatory und must be filled out.


Team 1

A team consists of three people. Each participant selects one of the four kinds of sport. A discipline cannot be doubled within the same team. One kind of sport will not be carried-out. It is desired that each LAG sends a team/teams of 3 participants. If it is impossible for a LAG to send 3 participants, it is of course also feasible to register only 1 or 2 people who take part. Regarding the sport disciplines, every incomplete team will be supported by Austrians. If possible there should be at least one woman in every team.

  Snow Shoe Race Ice-Stock Shooting Giant Slalom Stielbob (mini-bob sledge) Race
Birth Date:*
T-Shirt Size*:
Transnational Knowlegde Exchange 1*:

Transnational Knowlegde Exchange 2*:

We ask every participant to chose one topic of her/his interest out of every Transnational Knowledge Exchange
European Aperitif Regional Product Short Description
1. Aperitif*:
2. Aperitif:
3. Aperitif:
4. Aperitif:
5. Aperitif:
To ensure a unique taste experience, we invite you to share your favorite regional products with the other participants at the European Aperitif. Out of that reason we ask you to send non-perishable meals and/or beverages before 01.03.2010 to the following adress: TOURISMUSVERBAND KIRCHBERG, Hauptstrasse 8, 6365 Kirchberg in Tirol, Austria .

Additional Information*

Accommodation Category Desired:* Hotel (4*)
€ 66

€ 52

Bed and Breakfast
€ 35

The prices are calculated:
  • inclusive breakfast
  • inclusive VAT
  • per person/night
  • based on double rooms
  • single supplement are € 15 per person/night
Type of room:*
(Number of rooms needed)
single bed room

double bed room

triple bed room
number of people who stay overnight    
Length of Stay*: from:
. March 2010
  to: . March 2010    
Please note, that there will be an evening event on the 17.03.2010.

Additional Comments:
As the manager or the person in charge of the Leader Region/participating institution, I hereby affirm that the people, who are participating with my permission in the LINC 2010 officially belong to the personnel of the Leader Region/participating institution, which I lead or are regional stakeholders (bodies realizing projects, board members).
I acknowledge the official competition rules. I am aware that the participation in all of the events is our own personal risk and that the organiser does not assume liability for any lost equipment.
I accept herewith, that a nonrecurring contribution towards expenses of €10 per person will be charged additionally to the accommodation cost.
Yes, our team would like to take advantage of the offered pasta buffet for lunch on Tuesday. I accept herewith that 15€ per person will be charged additionally to the accommodation cost.(As lunch break on Tuesday is rather short, there will be a buffet offered with 3 pasta meals to choose from including one soft drink for 15€ per person.).
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